Friday, February 10, 2006

There's something rotten in the state of ...

Danmark? The West? Islam? Neither? No, the world! The riots around on the cartoons is a good example of the ideas espoused in the 'Lucifer Paradox' and 'Global Brain'.
First, the debate is NOT about the cartoons, but about group relations, power. The issue is being called '(lack of) respect', so lets use that word.

The word respect comes from 'looking back'. What the Islam seems to ask is positive feed-back, a good, respectful, look. But respect for what? That it is as large a religion as any other? That it is the only true faith, as all the others. That it is a religion of 1 billion, mainly poor, people governed by a very small elite of extremely wealthy people? The fact that it is far from a modern, open society? The fact that it doesn't much respect other religions or non-believers?

And will respect help? No. Why not? Because it reïnforces the differences in power. In the world of Islam people think: '"West" is superior (economically, technically, socialy, artistically, politically, ... ) to "Islam"'. And in the west people think so too. Now, the Lucifer Principle states that this is unacceptable for Islam. In fact, The West will - in the eyes of The Islam - never respect Islam until Islam has conquered the West. The more West says it respects Islam, the more it hurts.

Now, watch the dynamics to this situation; it is very interesting, because most of it happens 'unconsciously':
The young have to rebel against their parents - by force of nature. Inner Judges of young people - most of the older people live in 'wish you were here's ' quiet desperation - conclude that this unequality is an unaccaptable situation. Having weak parents, or parents who deny them love, they look for a strong image they can project their feelings of frustration on. The anger is projected on 'West'. Psychologically, "West" obtains the role of the bad father. Inner Judges will seek those who'll support their rebellion: most of them young, but some elders who are bearing a crunch....

Conformity Enforcers get most of the resources - Resources Shifters just shift resources based on the opinion of the inner judges - and the religion gets more fundamentalistic. Feelings get more repressed, noteably sexual feelings. Might this be the logic behind enforcing the rule of women wearing the headscarf? This again adds too the feelings of frustration. This movement is mirrored in West, which in turn, feeds back to the Inner Judges in Islam: see, we were right in not beleiving the unbeliever. More and more resources are shifting towards fundamentalism, in schools, in training, in thought, in money.

Some Islamic Diversity Generators start to experiment, some try to find a new interpretation of Islam, but most will try to test the superior "West"-male. They start with some attacks, try to draw out a reactions of the male. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Please note that there is no use in retaliation and killing terrorists. This only proves the inner judges that the terrorists were 'right'. At first West ignores much of the attacks. This is proof of the weakening of West. But after a while, "West" picks up the bait and invades Pakistan and - o joy - Iraq. Now West is trapped. Not because Islam can defeat West - not yet. But because West proves it cannot win. And that's enough for Resource Shifters.

More and more resources flow towards the Diversity Generators who support Conformity Enforcers. The voice of the opposition, in Islam as well as in West - let's cooperate with each other, make peace, build bridges - grows weaker. Winner takes all. West start to shut Islam out. Interesting: trying to prevent the flow of resources, only forces it to go 'underground' and reinforces the resistance against 'West'.

There is an interesting side-effect for the Saudi elite: they do not have to share their wealth with their poor. In effect, West is the largest contributor to - watch this: Israel, their arch enemy, reïnforcing their 'bad' nature, Egypt (yes, who spends it on ... weapons) and - from Europe - Palestine. Now, will Islam be grateful? Yes, when we're dead. See the cat? See the grin?

So there is no clash of cultures. There is just a principle at work, working bindly as it has done for over 3 billion years. If nothing happens, it will end in war. "But", somebody said to me, "China, East, will support West; it says it does". Yes, it says so, but China's tactics are smart: they'll just let the others do the fighting and grap what's left over.

Until recently, we (West and Islam and East) were powerless. West has been lured by the same phenomenon as Islam: the idea of leadership. West thinks the key is leadership. Look around, there are a lot of talk and books and courses and much training on leadership. The inner judges think it is lack of leadership. Diversity Generators turn their attention to leadership, culminating in the recent 'Synchronicty - the path to inner leadership'. Inner leadership, I wonder, who will be lured by this word? Or: 'The seven habits of effective leaders'. Effective? Why? Because that gets attention from resource shifters. The inner judge use this tactic because that is how the Lucifer Principle works. The 'normal' response to threath is reïnforcing leadership - any leader will tell you so. But classical, normal leadership IS A TRAP. West will either get a leader who'll stifle opposition and confront Islam ÁND reinforce the difference in power, making the inevitable conflict worse. Or West gets a leader who'll try to appease the opposition - and perhaps even promote disarmement - and thereby reinforces the ideas we're weakening. Making the result of the inevitable conflict worse. No win/win either.

Until Bloom came, we were brainless. Because we didn't quite know how this worked. Now we've been enlightened, we can know how to act, what might work. First of all, we cannot undo the logic of the Lucifer Principle. Secondly, we cannot undo our nature and our culture. We're in this tournament, with four principles, whether we like it or not. If you cann't stand the movement, get out of the carrousel. Think, Tom Poes, of a cunning plan. And that's what we've come up with.


At 13/2/06 13:13, Blogger Jan said...

Judy Tal mailed me:

My lecture is based on the book called LINKED (could it be anything else :-)? written by Barabasi (you must have read it),
I bring my interpretation ...

"Smart mobs emerge when communication and computing technologies amplify human talents for cooperation. The impacts of smart mob technology already appear to be both beneficial and destructive, used by some of its earliest adopters to support democracy and by others to coordinate terrorist attacks."


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