Friday, February 03, 2006

Why our future needs YOU!

"We need to stare a blunt fact in the face: Many of today's corporations are creatively and morally asleep. But you and I can wake them in a most ironic way—through a strange-but-vital upgrade in the richness of our lives. We can re-perceive the tale of capitalism's rise. We can lay out a new and far more insight-saturated story of our origins—a factual creation myth. And we can use this genesis story, this re-perceived tale of our history, as a key to the quandaries of work and daily living. We can use it as a cornerstone of a new view of our future in a world of instant change. " is a quote from 'Reïnventing Capitalism' Bloom's forthcoming book.

Your Amsterdam Bloom Conference has been designed to lay this cornerstone, to create a steppingstone, to build a stonebridge of Babel, to the future you and I want.


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