Saturday, February 04, 2006

Putting the mean into meaning.

Note on messages
Raw molecules including water, salts, amino acids and perhaps ATP
(Bio)chemicals including the above and pheromones, hormones and also RNA and DNA
Behavior including the above and (single and double loop) learning
Wisdom includes all of the above and accepting the consequences
Culture is the resulting order from the exchange of all of the above together with the depletion of resources (increasing entropy).Evolution is emergent change, design without any intention; design is intended change, evolution without random emergences.

For the first timeperiod in the history of evolution (at least in this part of the universe), we're aware of our own innate design principles. We're able to look at the designs and decide to start aplying other rules. Rules regarding justice, rights, grace and fairness. Our innate natural rules, giving rise to flight, fright, dependency and bonding, will be complemented by cultural rules.

In The Netherlands there is currently a debate over evolution or intelligent design. It is not either-or, it is an example of the excluded third: it is both! Evolutionary speaking, we are evolution becoming aware of its own blue prints, it own creating, its own rules. And some of them are nasty (see: 'The Lucifer Principle' by Howard Bloom).

At first, setting the rules ourselves seems to be a good idea: we're responsible for our own success! It is me, myself and I. This nicely ties in with our innate nature: i'm the man, we're the crown on creation!

BUT soon it gets worse when you start to realize the implication of making up your own rules, using the new knowledge: when you're designing your own rules, making your own designs, it implies that you're responsible for the bad results too. If their (o no, not yours) intentions were wrong, OK: suits them. So, when they fail, it probably was their wrong intentions. But when your good intentions deliver unintended bad results: that is worse. When you're aware, you can be blamed and shamed when you fail, you'll have to answer to the judges, to your peers. So shift the blame.This is no longer a Lucifer principle, this became a 'Kain and Abel-principle'.

Now what? Move towards the source of the anxiety: behave responsible, even when there are unintended consequences. Resolution will come when you facilitate the development of your group, your network. And that is why, I think, we all (the organizers as well as the speakers, the panel, the facilitators upto and including our sponsors and the participants) will take full resposibility and liability for this conference. Putting the mean into meaning.


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