Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Synopsis ABC

The Amsterdam Bloom Conference (ABC) (location: Felix Merites, Amsterdam, dates: 25-26 March 2006) is being organized to put into practice ideas from Howard Bloom's 'Global Brain' and ourselfs. We intend to induce new, creative, innovative, pashionate and improved ways to your own work, based on priorities in current issues, and facilitate the development of a new culture. And a great party. We offer a frame work were participants can share ideas, emotions, intuitions, principles supported by expert panels and key note speakers (amongst others: the one and only Howard Bloom). Moreover, we want to deliver a stimulating environment where people from different cultures, exemplified by arts, business, politics, science, and other can gain competence in colaboration. We believe that facilitated conversations are the best way to support translation of personal meaning into institutional knowledge. O, yeah, not to mention the party!

Edgar Lanting, Hans Konstapel, Jan Lelie, Tom 'Poes' den Hoed, Josée Rijke, Menna Kruiswijk. Feel free to contact one of us or react by dropping memo. And did I mention the after party?


At 11/2/06 15:15, Blogger jantalbot said...

Jan, this looks wonderful. I am not sure if I will be able to get there. Within a few days of your event London's www.tomorrowsglobalcompany.com celebrates its annual lecture with Al Gore presenting. TGC invites waves of companies to benchmark collaboration competences with each other, and emerged from the Royal Society of Arts

2 questions: shall I mail the centre of TGC saying he and you could learn from each other's formats?

We're interested in opening space races as these 3 blogs A B C illustrate. If you'd like to come and co-edit one of them please say

At 11/2/06 23:36, Blogger Jan said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks for your comment; we think so. I would appriciate to learn more from the TGC; I'll look at the mentioned websites on monday,

Good weekend,

Jan Lelie

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