Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some prelimenary conclusions

The global brain is alive and slowly, slowly becoming aware of ourself: we're on a mission to make this awareness real. That's why we used the slogan: 'be part of something bigger than yourself, something with real meaning'.

Reïnventing Capitalism is not something trivial, something easy, nor is it only having the right vision. Even when all of us agree, there still will be surprises, misunderstanding, power play, personal differences and discontentment. It is not enough to preach or sell the concepts. It has to be acted out, experienced determinism. This means hard work: research, search for meaning, dialogues, interactions. We'll have to put all the principles of the Global Brain at work: what rules should be maintained and which should be broken? And how? What diversity do we need and what is just new for newness-sake? And why? Which paths look good but are deceiving and which are small, dark, but will lead to our intended result? And how and were do we find the necessary resources? Attention - who said marketing?- perhaps being the most wanted.

During the meeting in Sunday some interesting questions were raised (and I please add your won questions or answers):
- Is having peace the same as having no violence? Or is violence part of nature and peace something else?
- Is the current situation regarding (Islamic) fundamentalism part of the problem or another issue? And if so, what is more important? And if not so, is 'reïnventing capitalism'the answer?

- What shit is being produced by the current version of capitalism? And who is feeding on it?
- Is 'Reïnventing Capitalism' just a new cover-up for 'Pax Americana'?
- Is education the only way out, because it looks a bit like a 'Von Münchhausen solution': pulling yourself out of the swamp by your own hair? Are the current adult the ones who are going to do the education?
- We want more unity, but at the same time want more individual development, freedom and choice. How do we solve this riddle?
- What practical solutions to support emergent change do we have?
- Music seems to offer a way out, as musicians and artists have a role in translating feelings, moods into words and actions for whole generations. Are they silent, being silenced or are we not paying enough attention? Will the old recipes for music making still work?
- What role do we have for science?


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