Monday, March 27, 2006

First pictures from the conference

Later more...

Expectations of some of the participants of the conference. Participants were asked their expectation about this conference. On the hand to give us an idea of their ideas, on the other hand to help them focussing on why they came and support them in acheiving their goal. That's were this venture is all about: doing your work better, from your hearth, with your passion!

Having a conversation with Howard on Sunday morning.

During the lunch break, there were several conversations in small groups.

Howard and some participants in the Foyer.

The panel'The role of the artist in society', with Marcel Roele, Jamer Martin, Octavio and Ruta.

Here are some picture shot at the conference on Saturday. This one is from the second panel discussion were Howard is expressing what he thinks about the subject. In the background: Marcel Roele and three business people from the audience who volunteered to be in this 'Business-panel'.

In the picture on the right, Edgar is introducing professor Magala, who inspired us with his views on facilitation and translation regarding the new renaissance.


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