Thursday, February 23, 2006

Conference dynamics reflects real world

This conference has been designed using the five principles of Global Brain. There are four major key note speakers and five 'streams'. Every stream consists of a panel and a facilitated (moderated) workshop with the participants. Every stream is dedicated to one of the principles. The panel and the facilitator will use this principles as their starting point or 'Leitmotiv'. During the workshop, other principles will (re)surface.
This matrix shows a map of the hidden dynamics of the conference design. For instance, conformity enforcing can be associated with politics and governement. Inside this principle, we find the four principles again: police to enforce the enforcement, civil servants to judge the conformity, courts to innovate enforcement of conformity (this might seem strange, at first, because you may have thought that judges would be enforcers of 'judgers', but when I look at the process, I see a lot of innovative rules coming from courts; this is also the reason we've got this 'Trias Politica'), and an army to shift enforcement ('enforcing freedom' is a beautiful paradox). In the tournament we've got 'democracies', peoples, unions - like the United Kingdom - and, the silver back of tournaments, : the United Nations. Talking about tournaments!
OK, now look closer at for instance police men and women: what will you find there? Some of them are only interested in 'the law', others more interested in 'research', others in 'justice' and - last but not least - most are just doing their jobs of traffic control, serving the public.
Now, look for instance inside these 'detectives', the diversity generators of the conformity enforcers, for instance as they're being portayed in my favourite series NYPD: you'll soon notice that we find here.... conformity enforcing management, judging, social senior detectives, innovating young novices and, most of them, just hard working family men. The series is based on the confrontation of these different characters. And so on... .
This is a tentative map, and I'm sure you agree or disagree about some of the entries. Use it to locate yourself but don't buy the map.


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