Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sounds as a new spring...

Amsterdam, March 25-26 Spring is in the air, March 25-26
This looks like a time of crisis, chaos and clashing civilizations. How can we constructively intervene to improve this dire situation? How to let the Lucifer Principle, the dilemma between ‘good’ goals but ‘bad’ means, work in favor of us all? By putting the expert at work: you! Your future needs YOU! The intention of our conference is to offer participants a change to work, learn and network, not only with renowned people, but also with each other. A new Renaissance is, as always, in the network. The content of the topics will be decided on by the participants. The solutions to the content will be decided on by the participants. The result of the conference is in the hands, minds and hearts of the participants. Our goal is to let them (= you) be inspired to take actions to improve their own situation, work, study or ambition: food for their soul.

Culture, politics, science and business will merge in the new cutting edge conference. Never before has a conference been designed to let participants deal with the most important issues facing our open society: bridging disciplines to put innovative and culturally relevant ideas into action A diverse cast of cutting edge international speakers with experience in the worlds of science, music, human rights, television/radio/movies, technology, business, and government will gather at Amsterdam’s Felix Meritis Cultural Center, crossing disciplines to emerge innovative and culturally relevant ideas into action.

Hosted by the music network MusicalLogic, the conference not only has a intelligent design, an impressive array of international speakers and some of the best facilitators Dutch and International facilitators but also has a cultural allure by hosting musicians and other artists.


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