Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How Howard thinks about the theme

All this sounds good.

Yes, Making The Next Renaissance is a very important theme to me. It also resonates with many others, Doug Rushkoff being high on that list. And it's what Omnology is all about--giving kids permission to be Renaissance Men and Women in an age of tools that make us far more than Leonardo's techno-limited human beings. I think it's a superb theme. Howard


At 14/2/06 19:01, Blogger Jan said...

And Chris Haydock wrote:

I just heard about this conference today on the GRP-FACL electronic discussion listserve.
It sounds like a very interesting conference, I wish I could be there.

Last November I attended the annual ODNet conference
in the Twin Cities. I learned a lot from both the preconference Gestalt workshop and from the Action Learning Conference-Within-a- Conference.

What else is new with you?

Best Cheers,


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