Thursday, February 16, 2006

Background to the theme

The overarching theme of the conference will be “Facilitating a next Renaissance”. As you know, a Chinese blessing is ‘May you live in uninteresting times’. Because in uninteresting times, there is peace. These are interesting times. We’re facing a challenge well worth witnessing.

We're in an age of technologies that expand the range of human powers far beyond those Leonardo was able to imagine. For hundreds of years Western men and women have been forced to smother most of their interests and curiosities to perform mechanical labor.

But in advanced nations, the age of mechanical labor is over. And specialization is no longer a necessity. Using all of your curiosities simultaneously is more than a personal indulgence. It's a gift to society. It can maximize a culture or an organization's collective creativity and problem-solving-power.

Today, technologists and executives need the skills of artists. And artists need the skills of executives and technologists. In Leonardo's day, only a handful of humans could call themselves Renaissance Men. Today everyone with a reasonable level of intelligence and curiosity MUST do his or her best to be a multi-disciplinary maker of The Next Renaissance.

Those producing the MusicalLogic Conference are dedicated to provoking innovative partnerships that go outside the bounds of industry to produce exciting and powerful relations through diverse cross networking. A main idea being to cultivate knowledge combined with creativity to inspire new discoveries and new creative business opportunities for those involved. “Crossing Boundaries by Crossing Disciplines”.


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