Monday, March 06, 2006

Securitas in dubio

Anais Nin, wrote "We don't see the world as it is; we see it as we are.", says this short article by Sandor Shuman; It tells more relevant things for the conference:

I like to quote more:

"1. Each individual in a group has the potential to make a valuable contribution.
2. Some group members might have more valuable contributions to make than others—more expertise, greater insight, better judgment—on at least a few of the tasks at hand.

The problem is that we rarely know which individuals are more expert at which tasks. There is no objective way to distinguish between one good contribution and another to determine which is better, or to know how to combine individual contributions to produce results that are better than any of the individual contributions taken alone.

Although we often rely on one person to integrate the group's thinking, this may result in that person's views dominating all others— and that one person might not have it right. Alternatively, we can allow the group to decide how best to make use of the contributions of each of its members. This requires that we help (= FACILITATE JL) group members learn from one another, so they can correct one another's errors, enabling—at least theoretically—the group to perform better than even its most capable member."


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