Sunday, March 05, 2006

Crisis? What crisis?

We, the peoples of the world, are heading towards the middle of a crisis, a cross roads. Either we reïnvent ourselves and emerge as a new kind of men or we head down a cul de sac, a new dark age or into oblivion. In both cases it is the end of cultures as we know it. Fear not, it is not the end of times. Nature, this earth and life, will continu, no doubt. And after some period of time, intelligent beings, like us, will reappear. It is inevitable. It will just be a temporary set-back.
There is a 'window of opportunity', I think. We can make a short cut or use the energy of the crisis to create a new world, a new, partly virtual, species. When we pull together all good people, and apply a kind of reasoning that use the old rules - the rules that brought us progress with destruction and war - in new ways. I think we can find ways and means to progress without having to go to war. But we must be prepared to fight. This is what we're planning to test in the conference 'Facilitating a new Renaissance': giving birth to new ways of communication, collaboration, consensus and concordance.


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